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Popular Pine Trees

Popular Pine Trees

Pete April 21, 2020

You will need to plant in full sunlight for best results. Pine trees need a lot of water. It is actually best to plant young pine trees in drier weather and only water lightly; this will encourage them to send down a strong taproot. Pine trees can reach a range of mature sizes that depends on the species. The dwarf mugo pine (pinus mugo pumilio) grows to a mature size of 4 feet tall, while slash pines (pinus elliottii) reach 100 feet. White pines reach up to 150 feet tall, growing only 8 to 12 inches a year, when planted in favorable environments.The scotch pine is a fast-growing, medium-sized tree with a conical or column-shaped habit and distinctive flaking brown-red bark. Commercially, the scotch pine is grown as a christmas tree. Smaller dwarf varieties make good landscape specimen trees. It is best to plant in a protected site as this species is susceptible to wind damage.


The Jack pine tree is also known as prince pine, princess pine, scrub pine, to name a few. These trees look shaggy and can grow in cold climates and in poor soils which makes it a suitable tree to grow in the northeast. These trees grow up to 100 feet in height and the roots penetrate deep into the soil as well as grow laterally on the ground. The leaves grow in clusters of 2, and are short. The cones are smaller and closed due to the resinous bond. Jack pines are not typically used for landscaping given their large height and size. An interesting fact is that when the trees are planted in the deserts, they grow bushy.


Pine trees are one of the most wide-spread and varied native trees in north america. Almost 40 pine species are found within the united states, many of which are on both the east and west coast. These cone-bearing evergreens generally have resinous wood, needle-like leaves, and a single straight trunk, with lateral branches. Typically cone-shaped in their early years, they develop more rounded tops later. Pine trees are great for landscaping. They are taller and add some height as well as shape to the various gardens around your home. And, they also bush out and are thicker, making it difficult to see anything on the other side of them. Because of this, evergreens are great for giving you privacy within your yard. You can quickly plant a line of these around your backyard and be assured that you will have the privacy you want.


Planting a tree is an action full of hope. We hope that our tree will grow and flourish, living out its life which will certainly be decades, and perhaps even a hundred years or more. We also hope that disease will not threaten the life of our tree. Pine trees are remarkably tough, and most grow and survive without problems but sometimes disease can occur. Sometimes it is a major outbreak, like dutch elm disease, that decimates a much-loved tree. Most often it is a lower-level disease that picks away at a particular type of tree, like the verticillium wilt that is spreading through maple trees these days. Other diseases look dramatic but do very little harm. So for gardeners, it helps to have some knowledge of diseases, to encourage the good, and separate the bad from the merely ugly. In any situation, it is important to pay close attention to the pine trees that you plant to ensure that your tree continues to grow and remain healthy through the years.

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