Pine Tree Diet Maintenance

Pine Tree Diet Maintenance

Pete May 1, 2019

On the boarder of Rhode Island and Connecticut you will definitely find some of the most beautiful pine trees in our great nation. I myself alone have been taking care of my pines. Running a fairly large mineral organic pine tree farm keeps me quite busy. Lacey and I have are hands quite full managing as well as working more than full-time on our pines to ensure that our pines are properly cared for. As expected, we catch a break for 3-4 months out of the year during the winter months. This is the time of year when the organic minerals in the soil surrounding the pines reach a high rate of nitrogen with soil ph becoming more balanced if all summer treatments were completed correctly. The proper ph balance allows the trees to slowly secrete phosphorous elements from the soil. This allows them to maintain their hardiness through the winter months in New England.


Summer treatment and maintenance are definitely the most labor intensive months. Beginning in early June, at the tree farm we are providing weekly feedings to our pines based according to the 9th cycle of the popular pine tree diet program “Mount Crimes Mineral Diet for Trees” by Ivan Manson. This diet program for pine trees has been around for over 20 plus years. However, I believe that there was a whole lot of research conducted about pine tree dieting in the northeast. At our farm, we’ve been applying the pine tree diet program in the same manner and frequency which have yielded Lacey and I some very, very good results. By the time we close out August and enter into September, our pines have taken in approximately 80 percent of their needed annual nutrient absorption. This in itself means that we’ve been able to successfully infuse all the essential tree nutrients in the tree diet over the course of 3 months time which is really incredible.


Trial and error during the growing season. Prior to introducing the mount crimes mineral diet for trees program, Lacey and I had tested roughly 5 other diets over the previous 7 years. We had a little success with 2 other diets during that time but none of those 2 could of gotten us to achieve the same results that we are getting now. Through that whole period it was basically treat and test, treat and test. It was roughly in 2008 that Lacey and I stumbled upon the Ivan Manson diet. It was not until the following pine tree season in 2009 that we began testing on our own pines. What we found was that the once a week treatment worked best for our tree soil in New England.


We began cycling the diet program in the month of May. Mineral count rates were very high in iron oxide as well asĀ  aluminum oxide. In March we had tested those counts. Beginning in mid-July we saw some of the key indicator mineral count rates adjusting a lot faster than in years past. In was then when Lacey and I tested soil ph on 3 seperate acres of the farm in the north, west and south locations. Soil ph then began to reach balance in the month of September. We had never accomplished reaching almost near perfect soil ph balance ever before. Since then we have slightly tweaked on treatment plan which has allowed us to achieve soil ph balance in roughly 4 months time. In our quest to find a tree company which provides great services, we have found a few such companies in Warwick. Two of which we routinely contract with, Warwick Tree Pros and Tim’s Tree Service.


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